TD: The expected production of EV+ ESS batteries fell by 20.4% MoM in February

In 2023, China's EV sales reached 9.5 million, of which 6.7 million BEVs were sold and 2.804 million PHEVs were sold, exceeding the target of 9 million sale in the policy<Work Plan for Steady Growth of the Automotive Industry (2023-2024)>.1) Lithium battery production in Feb is expected to decline by about 20.4% MoMDadong Times through industry's Top10 battery factory survey data show that in February 2024, the battery factory power + energy storage output of 32.86GWh, January output of 41.3Gwh, down about 20.4%; The output of lit

The global ESS market is projected to experience a year-on-year growth of 35% in 2024

With the rapid increase of renewable energy installed capacity in the world, ESS industry has shown a storage trend, and has gradually become an important support for energy transformation, and has increasingly attracted the attention of governments and enterprises. Energy storage system technology plays an important role in balancing supply and demand of the power system, improving the operation efficiency of the power system, and promoting the renewable energy, which is expected to bring unprecedented opportunities in the global energy industry. Under this background, in order to deeply research the trend of the global ESS industry in 2024 and explore the factors and impacts behind it, Dadong Times released the 《2024 Global ESS Industry Trend Forecast》 Report.

Dadong Times’ ESS database 360° scan of China's power generation & grid ESS market

In recent years, with the growing prominence of environmental issues and the urgent need for sustainable energy, the field of energy storage has gradually emerged as a focal point within the energy industry. Globally, there is an increasingly pressing demand for efficient energy storage and management solutions, which in turn drives continuous innovation and development in this technology sector. From conventional lithium-ion batteries to emerging alternatives like sodium-ion and solid-state batteries, the entire industry is undergoing unpreced

The Modular Construction of EV Battery Factory Brings Revolution

The "2023 Asia Pacific Battery Digital Factory Technology Summit," organized by ATC Automotive Technology Platform, took place in Shanghai on November 29-30. Distinguished representatives from Volkswagen, Hozonauto,Leapmotor, Geely, Gotion, and other prominent enterprises participated in the summit and delivered insightful keynote speeches. Alex Luo, the esteemed founder of Dadong Times, had been cordially invited to deliver a keynote address on the challenges faced during EV battery factory construction and the transformative industr

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