Dadong Times and B1 successfully organized "China-Russia EV Seminar"!

On January 31, the "China-Russia Electric Vehicle Seminar" that was organized by Dadong Times and B1 was held as scheduled in B1 Group Moscow office. The seminar was conducted online simultaneously. There are more than 100 enterprises and associations representatives participated the seminar which include Russian well-known enterprises, FAW group, GWM group, Chang’An, BYD, Dongfeng Automobile, etc.


At the seminar, participating enterprises and associations discussed the electric vehicle market's future development, laws and regulations in Russian automobile industry, etc, for the purpose of helping Chinese automobile enterprises and EV industry chain related enterprises to join the Russian automobile market and expand market share.


Representatives of enterprises and associations such as Dadong Times and China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) delivered speeches at the meeting.

Starting from the EV batteries,
Alex, founder of Dadong Times, delivered a speech "Analysis of the global lithium battery industry chain", explaining the related policies and the distribution of lithium battery industry chain, the business pattern of EV battery and energy storage battery, battery production capacity expansion, and the opportunities of lithium battery industry in China and Russia market.

Alex believes that Chinese enterprise can cooperate with Russia enterprise in terms of lithium minerals supply. China has abundant lithium mineral resources. Argentina and Chile have suspended the supplies of lithium mineral to Russia causing the lithium mineral shortage in Russia market. In terms of lithium resources, 59% of lithium resources come from "lithium triangle"; China and the United States account for 13.3% and 13.5% respectively. In the future, China can reach strategic partnership with Russia on lithium resources to help Russia's lithium battery industry development.


For example, in the research and development of advanced energy storage technology and equipment, sodium ion battery, liquid metal battery, solid Lithium ion battery, metal air battery, lithium sulfur battery and other high energy density energy storage technology; Large capacity, high density, high safety, low cost new energy storage device. China and Russia can also cooperate on energy storage projects. In 2021, the value of China's battery exports exceeded US $30 billion. Chinese energy storage enterprises actively expand and participate overseas energy storage projects, establishing oversea battery factories.


The representative of CPCA delivered a speech about "current situation and future outlook of EV vehicle market", introducing the trend of global EV vehicle market, and analysing China's EV market. Since 2015, the expansion of EV market is accelerating.


Due to some factors (Russo-Ukrainian War, Global pandemic, etc), conventional cars companies are under pressure; However, EV companies such as BYD are performing well. At present, the market share of EV has reached 31.8 percent in China's automobile market. In 2022, China's vehicle stock account for 33 percents of the world's vehicle stock, while China EV stock accounted for 63 percent of that of the world.

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