Dadong Times & Accenture would jointly help enterprises with digital transformation

Recently, Dadong Times announced that it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Accenture on January 29, 2021, to jointly help enterprises to accelerate their business transformation and digital transformation. Accenture's solutions and services, combined with supporting from Dadong time could help enterprise to reduce costs and risks.



Dadong Times has been helping the multinational companies, state-owned companies, listed companies and high growth companies to complete their strategic planning layout, and estimate their competitiveness and business transformation. We are delicate to help our client to enhance their competitiveness, promote the healthy, steady, long-term sustainable development plan. We are adhering to the mission of "exploiting potentialities and helping effective decision-making". We provide industry development solution with more specialized and diversified services, ensuring enterprises could reduce their decision-making risks.

The massive and widespread use of data, artificial intelligence and digital technologies would drive the rise of next generation of business and smart world. By relevant technology, enterprises can obtain large amounts of valuable data from their business and use those data to build large-scale intelligent digital twin networks.


Research by Accenture shows that leading companies can quickly meet the market demands and promote the innovation. Data shows their revenue growth has been five times larger than that of the other competitor. During 2015 to 2018, it only was double great than that of other companies.


The global pandemic has accelerated the pace of digital transformation in enterprises, global president and chief technology officer of Accenture Technology Services, Paul Daugherty said, many enterprises and organizations are taking different methods, using technology to reduce the impact of pandemic on their businesses. However, some enterprises lack the digital foundation for transformation that would make them facing challenges brought about by their own shortcomings.


Jia Zhou, Accenture China management consulting director, believes that "be a partner of excellent company" is the key for enterprises to achieve digitalization transformation, and the successful implementation of digitalization requires the professional ability of the third party and the profound insight of the digital business model. Through being a partner of excellent company, cooperations between different companies can be accelerated, and then the digital network can be expanded.


Alex, founder of Dadong Times , Dadong Times teams is delicate to "exploit potentialities and help enterprises on scientific decision-making". Data would undoubtedly become the core assets of the enterprise. With more than 10 years of market and industry research experience, Dadong Times has been honored to become a strategic partnership with Accenture. Dadong Times will "objectively, timely, comprehensively, foresightedly" provide suitable services to every clients.

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