The Modular Construction of EV Battery Factory Brings Revolution

The "2023 Asia Pacific Battery Digital Factory Technology Summit," organized by ATC Automotive Technology Platform, took place in Shanghai on November 29-30.


Distinguished representatives from Volkswagen, HozonautoLeapmotor, Geely, Gotion, and other prominent enterprises participated in the summit and delivered insightful keynote speeches.


Alex Luo, the esteemed founder of Dadong Times, had been cordially invited to deliver a keynote address on the challenges faced during EV battery factory construction and the transformative industry revolution facilitated by modular construction.




Alex Luo emphasized that in current battery manufacturing, there has been a gradual shift from continuous to discrete processes. It is only through extensive accumulation and precipitation over time that a safe and high-quality cell can be produced.


The challenges in battery manufacturing that Alex Luo highlighted include battery safety, design structure and scalability, manufacturing model, cost of batteries, quality assurance for safety, and integration of the industrial chain.


Currently, the development of EV battery technology has transitioned from the era of standardized modules represented by VDA/MEB to the present era of CTP technology, which aims to reduce the occupied volume of power batteries and enhance space utilization. However, this aforementioned technology is still in its experimental stage. Although some enterprises have implemented mass production and installation, they still need to overcome technical and cost challenges in order to achieve large-scale mass production and manufacturing optimization.


In light of the industry changes brought about by the modular construction of EV battery factories, Alex Luo emphasized that based on actual factory construction data, modular construction has resulted in a 57% reduction in building area per unit capacity, a 39% decrease in infrastructure investment per GWh, an 18% decline in equipment investment per GWh, and a 28% decrease in supporting engineering investment per GWh.


The implementation of modular factories can effectively reduce the factory construction cycle by 35%, optimize material utilization, thereby leading to a reduction in labor and material costs. As a result, investment costs and investment ratios will decline significantly. The advent of modular factories is set to revolutionize the EV battery industry.


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